Tuition for All Levels

Tuition for All Levels

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Find the Right Tutor

Find the Right Tutor

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Music Teachers

Music Teachers

We have a group of passionate and inspiring music tutors which range from experienced graded individuals to qualified music teachers.

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Tuition Centres

Tuition Centres

Looking for a tuition centre? Let us find you an ideal one!

To find out more, contact us at 81817169 or email us at request@elitesgtutors.com!
Tuition Centres

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Tuition Assignments

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Partner Us

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Tuition Articles

Tuition Articles

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Welcome to EliteSGTutors

  EliteSGtutors is a tuition agency based in Singapore, pioneered and managed by experienced tutors. We provide a free tutor matching service for private home tuition and tuition centres. With our huge network of committed and dedicated tutors suited to all academic and non-academic subjects, we are confident of finding you the ideal tutor that suits your budget, tuition timings and subjects required. Our tutors are responsible individuals which comprises of current and ex-MOE school teachers, full-time and part-time tutors, undergraduates and graduates.   At EliteSGtutors, we believe that it’s not about finding you a tutor. It’s about finding you a right tutor.

5 Advantages of Having a Private Home Tutor

There are many benefits to private home tuition. Schoolteachers design their lessons with the average student in mind. Students who are attuned to a different learning style may find themselves struggling through no fault of their own. Elite SG Tutors is the top tuition agency in Singapore because we know what it takes for your child to succeed academically.

Elite SG Tutors comes to you.

Our tutors will go to your home. There is no need for your child to travel to a centralized learning location. Elite SG tutors will come when it is convenient to you.

Individual Instruction is More Effective.

Many children and adolescents find the classroom environment distracting and benefit greatly from a home tutor. Singapore’s academic standards are constantly rising and students may find it difficult to cope. Our tutors are dedicated educations. They are all current or former Ministry of Education teachers, which is why we provide the best private home tuition in Singapore

Private tutors can focus on specific areas where your child is struggling.

School teaches have to teach from a curriculum and move the class at a set pace. In contrast, our private tutors can zero in on any areas where your child may be having difficulties. They are also able to at work your child’s learning pace.

Our tutors can cover more material in less time

Our professional tutors will quickly become familiar with the learning methods that work best for your child. Therefore, they can tailor their lessons to you child’s specific strengths and weaknesses. At Elite SG Tutors we are committed to the academic success of your child. We have an outstanding pool of educators for you to choose from. That’s why we are the best tuition agency in Singapore.

Why choose EliteSGtutors?

  • We are reliable and trustworthy as all our coordinators are the people who started this agency. We do not hire anyone else.
  • We have a wide and extensive range of tutors. From part – time tutors to current school teachers.
  • We understand students as we do teach as well.
  • We have varying tuition fee rates that are reasonable to suit your budget and tutoring needs.
  • We plan and keep track of your child’s progress with you other than just coordinating and finding you a right tutor.
  • We strive to be the finest tuition agency that always aims to achieve excellence in whatever we do.
  • We pledge to remain professional in providing tuition services by being sincere and honest with regards to the tutors we recommend.
  • We are dedicated and committed to forging a long-term relationship with our clients and we aim to exceed all expectations.

Tuition Rates Per Hour

Primary $15 – $28
Secondary $20 – $32
JC / Diploma Not Qualified

Primary $18 – $32
Secondary $23 – $40
JC / Diploma $28 – $45

Primary $22 – $40
Secondary $28 – $55
JC / Diploma $35 – $70

Primary $35 – $70
Secondary $45 – $85
JC / Diploma $60 – $120

Primary $40 – $75
Secondary $55 – $95
JC / Diploma $70 – $130

The rates stated are based on the minimum and maximum rates of the tuition assignments that we have closed. All tuition rates are negotiable and the actual tuition fees are set by the tutors. This is typically based on their experience and qualification. Clients will set a budget for us to work on and we will try our best to fulfill their request. This table will be updated whenever there are any changes to the rates.

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